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    1. Help & FAQs

      About Us

      When you buy a machine from Machineryhouse, it’s not just a sale - it’s a partnership.

      At Machineryhouse, we have a proud history of outstanding customer service.
      For over 80 years, Machineryhouse have built a reputation of being one of the leading suppliers of both conventional machine tools and sheet metal machinery.

      Expert Advice
      Our qualified staff have years of experience and are always willing to assist you when choosing the right machine for your needs.
      You can be sure you’re in safe hands when you partner with Machineryhouse.

      With a huge, fully-stocked showroom in East Tamaki, you can browse first-hand one of the largest ranges of machine tools and workshop equipment in New Zealand.
      We are constantly reviewing industry standards and requirements to bring you the best product at the best price.

      Family Owned
      Machineryhouse is 100% family owned and has been supplying new and used workshop and engineering equipment since 1926.
      Our foundation principals haven’t changed – to offer an extensive range workshop machinery and machine tool accessories at the best possible price.

      Spare Parts
      With access to the largest stock of spare parts for Hafco machinery in the country and a team of employees dedicated to spare parts, Machineryhouse have you covered for all your parts needs, now and in the future.

      Product Selection
      We’re committed to sourcing new and innovative products and agencies from the world’s leading manufacturers.
      We’re constantly evaluating and improving our product range so ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products at affordable prices.

      Customer service is a term we take seriously our qualified and professional team are ready to assist your with any enquiry.

      We also stock a comprehensive range of Machinery & Tools of the following categories:

      ? CNC Machinery
      ? Conventional Metal & Wood Working Machinery
      ? Sheet Metal Machinery and Fabrication Equipment
      ? Storage Solutions
      ? Workshop Equipment
      ? Welding Equipment
      ? Lifting and Handling Equipment
      ? Meat Processing Equipment
      ? Automotive & Restoration Equipment
      ? Machine Tool Accessories
      ? Measuring Equipment
      ? Hand Tools
      ? Spare Parts: backed by experienced technicians providing ongoing service and support.

      “When you purchase a machine from Machineryhouse it's not just a sale it’s a partnership”

      “Customer service is a term we take seriously. We have a good team trained ready to assist you with any inquiry you may have”

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