Kristen Ashley

Kristen Ashley is one of my all-time favorite authors. I recommend reading all of her books and in order.  I’ve fell in love with each and every character and love their stories.



Rock Chick Series


You’ll need to have read Breathe before you read the finale to the Rock Chick seriesRock ChickRevolution.


Colorado Mountain Series


The Dream Man Series


Chaos Series

(It’s recommended you at least read Knight of the Unfinished Heroes before you read Ride Steady of Chaos)

Unfinished Heros Series


The ‘Burg Series

Read For You of The ‘Burg series before you read Jagged of the Colorado Mountain series.


The rest can be read in whatever order you’d like but here’s each series reading order.

The Magdalene Series


Heaven and Hell


Play It Safe


The Honey Series


Fantasy and Paranormal

The Fantasyland Series


The Three Series


Ghosts and Reincarnation




Mathilda, SuperWitch


May 2 (Only on Audible)


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